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Now after the blog introduction let see how we can play on Chrome Web Store game on your Windows Operating System. I’m a Windows Operating system user and before playing your favorite game online you need to have the following system requirements.  A Windows Operating System – XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 as long as the operating system runs fine you can play the game but you need to install the Google Chrome browser. It’s a free browser from Google and the latest version on my system is Version 27.0.1453.110.  You don’t have the browser you can download it here. 

Here is how you install the Google Chrome on Windows.

Click on the download link and a set up will show up for installation once the application is installed you can see a Google Chrome logo on your desktop. Installation is complete but you need a Google Account to sign in. The link below will show you how to sign up with Google Account. Fill out the following information like First Name and Last Name, Password and mobile number. Yes, mobile number is required for validation this is to prevent spam and validation of the account. A text message or code will be sent to the mobile number and you need to put the right code. Google Chrome Web store  is accessible once browser is installed.

Google Chrome
image from : Google Chrome website

The Interface – Chrome Web Store includes android application since it runs by Google. The interface include Popular, From your Circle, Trending and Collections. Popular download and game application will include the top application from Android. From the Circle is the list or details with the network include it will gather you friends application from Google+. Trending and Collections the list of application that is on fire new apps that are getting a lot of download. Once you have an account with Google and Chrome installed its time to log in and check popular and top games that you want to play. 

How to install an application on Web Store?

A list, category of games is listed on the page and adding it on Chrome is easy just click on Add to Chrome to download and install the application. Once the application is installed you can play the game it can be used on the browser or some games required internet access to interact with other players online.

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