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I’m not an engineer that design structure, buildings or bridge but this puzzle and brain game will let you be an engineer to build a bridge and help the cargo man deliver the goods.  The goal is simple create a bridge structure and help the man get the goods safely. It’s a very fun and challenging game as it requires some calculation when creating a bridge and mathematics for the funds. I dream to be an Eng’r but land as  a helpdesk support maybe I’m just not into buildings and structure but on this game I experience to be an engineer in every level that I can complete. It’s not easy to play Cargo Bridge in Chrome Web Store there are cases that money is short for the structure and the bridge will collapse if support is not properly established. Here is How to Play the game the image below will show the status of the level and the design your bridge mode. The goal is use the following limited tools to create a strong structure and gain points or money. 
Cargo Bridge Goal

Once the structure is complete click on the test bridge button to make the cargo man walk and bring all the goods back. Most cases the bridge will fail if

Cargo Bridge Design
support is not enough and cargo man is carrying a heavy load. To make sure that the structure are properly placed necessary brace and support are needed but limited money or amount can be only used on each level. The game lets you think and compute making your dream engineer job on every level. Each level is challenging and crossing the bridge and completing the goals tough. Today I compile most common error when creating a bridge I’m still at level 5 in Cargo Bridge but still learning and will continue to create stable bridge. 1.  Don’t create a long wood walk, long wood walk will cause the bridge to break easily. 2. Wood connector is essential on every connector break. 3. Make sure that the bridge is clamp on to a surface, never leave a wood hanging it can cause and damaged the existing bridge. 5. Before creating a bridge also consider the cargo, make sure that the cargo man can push the cargo to the surface. Compute and save as much as possible before creating a connector look for the bank or money.

The game is very simple and I Iove playing it. It let my brain to work and think. There are more puzzle and brain games on Chrome Web Store  and it requires a lot of time and thinking before finishing a game. I highly recommend Cargo Bridge as it can take your boring days and can kill some time. Like Isoball 3 it will keep you thinking and asking how to get the level done.

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