How To Play Traffic Talent and Change Language

“Prove your not just a speed craving maniac but can also drive a car properly in this responsible driving game” – Traffic Talent game from Chrome Web Store talking about responsible driving game if you’re into sports, driving game this game is for your you. The game is from and according to the game reviews 3.35 stars rating. Some of the player complain about the language and how the game takes time to load. Here are some of the user comment. 

“Translations would be nice. I want to know the exact infractions I am making! TRANSLATIONS PLEASE!!!”
“it take a long time to load, however it's a good game”

Before playing the game there are certain requirements that you need to accomplish like installing Unity Web Player. It is a plug in that the game required Google Chrome will automatically detect if the browser if it has no add ons or plug in and it will re direct you to the download page. Once Unity Browser is installed you will be able to play the game. Unity Webplayer plugin is just 633Kb loading it is not a problem.

Changing the Language of Traffic Talent 
Game reviews and user complain about the language although on the Chrome Web Store details it support English, as  but they said that it doesn’t support if. I try to explore the game and option since the only language I know on the selection is English I try to translate and here are the option on game play menu.
Some screenshot for the game play Traffic Talent

Traffic Talent

HD Table Tennis from Chrome Web Store

The game is under virtual worlds category. HD table tennis games is a nice online table tennis game. I’m not playing table tennis but I know the rule and watch the game on sports network. I remember watching a clip of Bruce Lee the famous martial artist and actor who is playing a table tennis game. The clip shows his talent and his martial art expertise.
Game Instruction for HD Table Tennis game

HD Table Tennis

Hit the ball from the left side of the bat to send it left and Hit the ball from the right side to send it right. The game play is not difficult all you need to do is to hit the ball or move the mouse from left to right. Perfect timing and execution is needed to win and the game opponent or computer is very tough to beat.  It’s not a boring game if you love the sport and when I was playing it I was able to learn some technique and strategy to win the game. The first one is hit it to the left. Hitting the ball to the left will surprise the opponent and most of the time the computer will fail to make a comeback.  The steady mouse center move is my move for defense. After hitting the ball go to the center and try not to move the bat from side to side if you are in the center you have more time to react once the opponent hit the ball.
Sound and Game Play Experience
The game play sound is marvelous as if your’e in a real game competing against real opponent. The cheer and how the bat hit the ball is pretty amazing that will give you in a very good mood. Loading the game on my Google Chrome is quite easy just like regular installation no special requirements are needed to run the game. Flash player is required but that is common on all browser and games. This will be another addition on my Chrome Web Store games. The game is about sports but is under Virtual Worlds and if you want other sport game you can select the games that I post before like Tennis Game3D BowlingBasketball Head and Ggoal.

Parking Mania Chrome Web Store

Parking Mania is a game under sport category. The goal is to park and learn how to drive I installed it on my Chrome Web Store and playing the game is fun. Playing the game online you can feel the thrill and excitement. A total of 220 level that will challenge your driving skills. The good thing about Parking Mania it is available on iPhone. The game can be played using Google Chrome and Web Store it’s a flash game that requires a good internet connection.
Parking Mania

 Game Control for Parking Mania
The game Parking Mania is easy you can use the arrow keys or W  A S and D to control the car. Five live to complete each level and colliding with borders will remove one life, Collision with traffic will restart the last parking. The levels has different task and object to complete and earn a money.

Level 1 for Parking Mania
The goal is to park the car sideways and doing this is easy just make sure and carefully  follow the guide. If you want challenge on every game collect all the coins to earn money. Each level you will use different cars to add fun and excitement. Every level pose a challenge as there are cars moving on the street that will make your navigation difficult. I came across a level that that when I complete one task I need to transfer to another car for the next navigation. Every level every game is challenging make sure to finish and avoid hitting other cars or the line. There are also obstacle course on a level  and it will show the next arrow one the path is complete.  

Tennis Game from Chrome Web Store

I’m not a tennis sport fanatic but I watched and know some popular player like Andre Agassi, Venus and Serena Williams. The game is simple a tennis ball, net and a racket to play the game. If you are watching the game you will notice how two competitive players trying to score and win a match. Tennis Game on Chrome Web Store  is fun just like the other games that I have installed on my Chrome Web Store sports category like Sports Headbasketball about basketball game, 3D Bowling and Ggoal about football

Tennis Game

How To Play Tennis Game

The goal is to score and win the match competing against CPU or Computer. A practice game is possible as you can compete and practice as long as you want. Keyboard control for the game is the up down sides arrow keys and space bar. The arrow keys will control the player and the space bar is the key to strike the ball.

Tips on Wining the Game

While playing the game I was able to use some tips and trick to win the game. Just like the regular tennis game you need to position the ball and strike it to the opponents uncomfortable zone. Defending your court you need to position yourself to the middle. The middle court will give you a very good stance on defending every strike of the opponent.

Here is the keyboard control and movement

The arrow up will move the player upward down will move the player down on the court. The arrow left will move the player to the left and right will move it to the right Space bar is the key for to strike the ball you need to perfectly time the ball to avoid a fault.

Play Classic Games from your Childhood on Chrome Web Store

One of my favorite link and application I have on Google Chrome Web Store is the Classic Games. It reminds me of the past games that I was playing when I was a kid and today I will list the games and if I still remember some basic feature and challenge on the game. Let’s get started.
Mortal Kombat Chrome Store

Mortal Kombat – a 90’s game I play this on a personal computer near our school. I think I’m in grade three or four that time. Classic moves and I was able to know some character like sub zero and fatality moves
Street Fighter 2  - I play this in an arcade match together with my friends. I started to know Street Fighter character like Ryu, Ken , E Honda and Blanca. A very classic game that remind me of my childhood.
Super Mario World – The famous game of them all. Everybody knows who he is he eat mushroom, fly and fire opponents and collect some coins.
Galaga – Before the air fight battle there is Galaga fine graphics game about space and aliens. The goal is to beat the alien and maintain one piece in each level.
Bomberman  - A Nintendo game that your goal as a bomber is to drop bombs and trap your opponents a very popular game.
Pacman – chop chop chop a yellow ball eating evey thing on its way a very simple game using your up down, right left keys. Eat a special coin to have a power to beat your opponent.
Contra – Your goal is to fight the enemies use some special weapon and blast them with pure fire power. A very classic games that let you enjoy and be a soldier.
Kung Fu Remix – A student that will challenge everything on the his path a very nice game if your looking for action and adventure.
Mario Bros First Game – I have this on my computer before and playing Mario is fun you go on to the next level, challenge every opponent and check all the obstacle. There are secret doorways and passage on the game and finding them is a challenge
Iron Mike Punch Out – Mike Tyson is known with his one hit punch that can put an opponent down and since he is known in the 80’s and 90’s a game about his punch called Iron Mike Punch Out . The goal is simple knock your opponent out and win every game.
Metal Slug – Saving a prisoner,and completing every level is the goal. Tanks and different style of guns. Metal Slug will always comes on my list as one of the top classic games. The game will help you think on how to defeat and impossible alien opponent. Adventure is on every level and chapter
If you don’t know about classic games make sure to play one because all games started with them and playing the basic and the classic will give you most excitement and challenging level. Good thing Chrome Web Store bring Classic Games.

Chrome Web Store Top Games

It’s been four months since I put up and topics are all about Google Chrome games. The blog focus on the Chrome Web Store and Android Games top games that I’m playing and sharing my game experience. The blog is all about learning how to play the game although most of the game are simple but the blog would just like to give you detail or information. I created almost 20 post on the blog and discuss the game play experience ,I also include the keyboard and mouse control of the game. I also show the details like how to navigate, character information, maps and direction. The blog is more on a guide/review and now I will give you my Top Chrome Web Store Games
Chrome Web Store Top games

1.    Cargo Bridge – from the category Puzzle and Brain it’s time for me to create a bridge and be an Engineer who could design and make sure that the bridge is strong and passable.
2.    Isoball 3 – Another puzzle and brain games from the web store the goal is to think and create a way on how to put the ball into the hole without breaking it . Challenge yourself and have fun
3.    Death Zed – Shooting a Zombie is fun make sure to lock and load as the higher the day the more Zombies are attacking.

It is included on my list since the game is about Zombie. I’m a Walking Dead series addict and playing the game reminds me of the series
 4.    Counter Strike – A classic game that reminds me of my high school days. Join a counter terrorist or terrorist group and beat some player all over the world. A very fun and challenging game if you love gun fight action,
5.    Walking Dead: Reckoning – Just like the Death Zed game as soon as I saw this game from Chrome Web Store I add the game and started to play it. The game is a comic based and decision is important on playing this game.
The number listed above is my Chrome Web Store Top Games for this year. I’m hoping for more and more challenging games to come and continue to share and post some idea on how to play the game. The blog will focus on the game category and will post, share and create a walk through. The next post that I will show is the Top user on Chrome Web Store it could be trending, on fire and popular. Troubleshooting the game is also included on this blog as user might encounter some error and problem during game or installation. All the game on this blog is added to my Google Chrome account and I make sure that I create an accurate post or review for the reader. The top Games is just my recommendation and based on my game play experience.  Any comments, suggestion or violent reaction are welcome just post it below the comment box. Feel free to join the conversation.