Playing Isoball 3 in Chrome Web Store

Twins is an exciting board game and today I’m trying to play Isoball 3 it will keep your brain thinking as new and challenging levels are need to unlocked. The goal of the game is to drop the red ball to the hole with the help of limited tools like platform and wedge. The game is not complicated as it requires you to think how can you drop the red ball.  Here are the sample screenshot of the game Isoball 3.

Isoball 3 Android Game
As you can see each tool has limited number that means you can only have the tools in a limited  number think of a way how you can use all the tool and reach your goal. I’ll explain all the tools or block that are on Isoball 3. The block or the slide will help your ball roll down or climb up. It is use when the ball is dropping down. The arrow block will accelerate the ball it will increase its speed once it runs on the arrow block. Every level you unlock will give you a trophy and another challenging level to unlock.
Tips on placing the block on Isoball 3
Make sure that when creating a block and before clicking on start there should be slide block to avoid for the ball to break.  When placing an arrow block check the distance first because it has a limited distance that the arrow can accelerate the ball. Cases that the hole is on the top or block make sure that you have the slide to boost the ball on the block slide.

How to solve the level 7 on Isoball3? 

Isoball 3 level7
This should be the position of the block in order to solved the game. Placing the big block underneath and a slide block on top of it. Using another big block for support and adding a slider arrow on the top to have a boost but make sure to put the slider to slide the ball all the way to the hole.

Isoball 3 Level 8
Solving Level 8 on Isoball 3
The level include 4 big block 2 big slide and a small slide. Placing two big block on the top of each other to reach the red ball start. Adding a small slide for the ball not to break and putting a big slide to go down. After hitting the bottom put a slide arrow to boost and go to the hole direction. 

Here are the sample level on Isoball 3 from Chrome web store. Enjoy its level and unlock many level as you can.

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