Death Guarding or Dead Zed How To Play

It’s another Zombie game like game Walking Dead: Reckoning this Dead Zed is the same but require an action pact shooting. The Zombie game or Walking dead is a comic based game but this one it requires you to shoot the Zombie. Tutorial show that you woke up in a
Dead zed Game Play
middle of Zombie Apocalypse and said that you need to survive for 40 days.

Death Guarding Keyboard Controls
Shoot – left mouse button R- Reload or Double click when empty Switch weapons 1 or 2 Switch Fire mode F and M for Muter Pause is Esc
40 Days that you need to survive the Zombie wave attacking your way. You got the gun and searching for survivor is an option also.  Kills as many Zombie approaching and make sure to shoot them on the head to gain an additional points.
Here are the weapons that you can have while playing the game Primary is the Springfield damage is high and has a 5 rounds as capacity. Secondary weapon is M9 damage is low, Ingram is low but has a 32 rounds for the capacity. Mp5 damage is low but 32 rounds. Each search and barracks that you click might contain survivor or a weapon.
The survivor can be a big help to your journey as the can be assigned to a specific task like Shooting, Repairing and Search party. Shooting means they can help you to eliminate the Zombie. Repairing is the one who will check the gun and search is for other survivors. Playing the game is fun as your quest is to battle all the zombies and finish a day but each day more and more Zombies are attacking you make sure that you are prepared and ready for the battle. The game is very simple you just need to aim and shoot but make sure to hit them on the head for an extra headshot points.
I just reached day 14 as each day is getting harder and harder the goal and the Zombies attacking are fast and can easily reach your barracks. Make sure to hit the fast moving Zombies first and aim for the headshot. Chrome Web Store will give you a lot of Zombie games because of the popular television series The Walking Dead. 

I would just like to share the very cute loading screen for the game Zombies walking and running for the loading screen. The loading screen will give you and idea how fast each Zombies move.
 Dead Zed Loading Screen

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