How To Play Traffic Talent and Change Language

“Prove your not just a speed craving maniac but can also drive a car properly in this responsible driving game” – Traffic Talent game from Chrome Web Store talking about responsible driving game if you’re into sports, driving game this game is for your you. The game is from and according to the game reviews 3.35 stars rating. Some of the player complain about the language and how the game takes time to load. Here are some of the user comment. 

“Translations would be nice. I want to know the exact infractions I am making! TRANSLATIONS PLEASE!!!”
“it take a long time to load, however it's a good game”

Before playing the game there are certain requirements that you need to accomplish like installing Unity Web Player. It is a plug in that the game required Google Chrome will automatically detect if the browser if it has no add ons or plug in and it will re direct you to the download page. Once Unity Browser is installed you will be able to play the game. Unity Webplayer plugin is just 633Kb loading it is not a problem.

Changing the Language of Traffic Talent 
Game reviews and user complain about the language although on the Chrome Web Store details it support English, as  but they said that it doesn’t support if. I try to explore the game and option since the only language I know on the selection is English I try to translate and here are the option on game play menu.
Some screenshot for the game play Traffic Talent

Traffic Talent


  1. i cant get it to english the game

    1. i cant get it to english please tell me and i will give you 20.00