HD Table Tennis from Chrome Web Store

The game is under virtual worlds category. HD table tennis games is a nice online table tennis game. I’m not playing table tennis but I know the rule and watch the game on sports network. I remember watching a clip of Bruce Lee the famous martial artist and actor who is playing a table tennis game. The clip shows his talent and his martial art expertise.
Game Instruction for HD Table Tennis game

HD Table Tennis

Hit the ball from the left side of the bat to send it left and Hit the ball from the right side to send it right. The game play is not difficult all you need to do is to hit the ball or move the mouse from left to right. Perfect timing and execution is needed to win and the game opponent or computer is very tough to beat.  It’s not a boring game if you love the sport and when I was playing it I was able to learn some technique and strategy to win the game. The first one is hit it to the left. Hitting the ball to the left will surprise the opponent and most of the time the computer will fail to make a comeback.  The steady mouse center move is my move for defense. After hitting the ball go to the center and try not to move the bat from side to side if you are in the center you have more time to react once the opponent hit the ball.
Sound and Game Play Experience
The game play sound is marvelous as if your’e in a real game competing against real opponent. The cheer and how the bat hit the ball is pretty amazing that will give you in a very good mood. Loading the game on my Google Chrome is quite easy just like regular installation no special requirements are needed to run the game. Flash player is required but that is common on all browser and games. This will be another addition on my Chrome Web Store games. The game is about sports but is under Virtual Worlds and if you want other sport game you can select the games that I post before like Tennis Game3D BowlingBasketball Head and Ggoal.

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