How To Play Ggoal Chrome Web Store

I’m not  a fan of football or soccer but  I know how to play and sometimes watch the game. Basketball is still the main sport in the country but trying out a different one specially if it’s on Chrome Web Store is exciting . Here’s how to play Ggoal : it Is an online game and registration Is required two options on how to register 1. Use your Facebook Account or register a new account. The Facebook account is simple you don’t need to fill out personal information since it will be integrated. The new user will create a new team – Select your team name, personal information like name surname and nationality. A valid email address is required and also select your position like defender, goal keeper, mid-fielder. The registration is simple and should be easy and capthca need to be entered for validation. An email confirmation will be send out a link to compete the registration.
Sample screenshot of Ggoal game.

Play Ggoal

Player movement : click on the red player once you click on it a yellow cell will show up and this indicate the movement of the player. Press go will show the movement of the player.
Shooting; to shoot and score, you need to select the colored cell into the goal. Once you score a goal and animation will show up. The game has a server and you can compete or invite your friends for a match . In order to take a challenge you need to wait for your match
The game is simple as it requires skill talent and how knowing the game. The game will show the latest matches and competing or around the world is a challenge. Waiting is the game in Ggoal you need to wait for a match and It will show their nationality and skills. I almost waited for 15mins and still no match available for me. The match has a time and I see that most matches end in 20mins or less
The club when you click on the club information like manager team name, nationality and date founded are located. You can also see the special awards, games like matched played, won, draw and lost. Stadium will show the name, capacity, season tickets holder and paying spectors. The game is more on a real like game where you manage and play against other.
No fancy graphics are on Ggoal but the overall experience is great. Competing and representing you r flag is a great challenge for me although this sport is not that popular In the country but playing it here on Chrome Web Store will make us more familiar and love the sports.
League Table will show you the top team for the day on this table you can see how other players  and team are doing. Expect county how love soccer or football dominate on this table.

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