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It’s an old classic game for me Playing Counter Strike it is the first game that I play an RPG and strategic game. I remember every Saturday playing the game with my classmate is fun getting the kills and playing to be a terrorist and counter terrorist. The game requires a lan or a network for you to enjoy the game and installing it on my computer requires a BOT so that I can play the game solo. Google Chrome Web Store has the same game and playing it online is fun all you need is a Chrome browser a good internet connection and you can interact and compete online. The Counter Strike Online 2 requires a unity web browser software for you to play the game but don’t worry as soon as you install it on your computer and browser everything will run smoothly. Here’s the screenshot for installing the unity web browser the software can be downloaded on the game direct website and Google Chrome will detect if your browser needs it. 
Unity Web installing

Launching the Game.

The game will redirect to the Official Counter Strike Online 2 website a small window for the game application will show and options like multiplayer, single and game options.  Multiplayer in Counter Strike let you connect to other player online. Single player is the best option if you just a newbie on this game. Adding a BOT is simple select the menu and add the bot by clicking on the + plus sign. It can be the practice game before trying multiplayer as Single player can enhance your keyboard controls.

Keyboard Control for Counter Strike Online
The goal of the game is to beat your opponent if you are  terrorist you carry the bomb and plant it on a bomb site and counter terrorist must stop them. Getting the game control is easy mouse and keyboard coordination is needed to run the game smoothly. Here are the basic key control for Counter Strike Online.  W – walk S- back A- left  D- Right Spacebar – Jump CTRL – crouch mouse it to aim. Left Click is to shoot and Right click for the sniper scope. 

Buying guns, ammo and armor in Counter Strike Online
Before attacking the opponent make sure that you are loaded with ammo and guns the there a certain guns that you can use although guns always depends on your current money. Winning every game will increase your earnings to purchased the gun that you want to use. Every round you can carry a primary gun, secondary gun like pistol, a knife and grenade or flash bang. 

Counter Strike on Chrome Web Store

My game strategy on Counter Strike online

It always depends on the maps how will you attack and plan your move if my opponent are slow I always make sure to get in front or ahead in time so that I can have a nice spot to kill them. Using flash bang and grenade is effective as well as it can hit the opponent directly and lessen the life or kill them. Playing the Counter Strike on Chrome Web Store is fun.

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