Learn How To Play Sports Head Basketball in Chrome Store

One of the most visited section for me in Chrome Web Store is the sports categories. The category will show you hundreds application about sports like pool, boxing, baseball, soccer,golf and basketball. Basketball is my favorite game and I’m very excited when a new Android Games are release about basketball and today I got to play the game called Sports Head Basketball it is an basketball game one on one and contains the head cartoon figure of the greatest NBA player but they have a twist on it lets see the player list. Wilt Chamberlain from Lakers is Wilt Chambervill, Magic Johnson as Magic John’sSon, Julius Earving or Doctor J is Julius Earring, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is Kareem Abdul, Shaq O’neal is Shaq O’real, Michale Jordan is Michael Gordan, Larry Bird is Lairey Board, Kobe Bryant is Kobe Tyrant, Tim Duncan is Tim Dunkin and Hakeem Olajuwon is Hakeem Onlywon. The funny name has also a funny Sports Head figure with a big hand for blocking and shooting the ball.
The goal of the game Sports Head Basketball

The goal is to have fun as player and characters are NBA greatest player each player has a challenge that you need to beat Right now I’m still with the second level or against Magic and the goal is to score 15 points .

Sports Head Basketball Keyboard Control

Its more on like a volleyball basketball game you need to shoot the ball using only your head/hand and various control like jump. Here is the game control for the Sports Head basketball the arrow keys control the head and to Jump take a shoot or swap the ball press the space bar.
Versus the great player like Chambervillain – the goal is to score may basket in a minute. The player with most point after a minute wins. The second level versus Magic is to score the fist 15points of the game.
The game has bonus or power ups as well green color will is good while red is bad it includes the option like hand bandage were you cannot swap the ball, no jump means jumping is disable , ball option like bounce and small and big ball is an option as well. The key to the game is the timing and accuracy most of the time the ball will just bounce around and might hit corners or border and it might accidentally fall on to the opponent basket make sure to protect the goal, be careful when spiking the ball make sure it has a direction and always pay attention to the opponent because they can actually box out your position. The game is very fun and I’m glad that Google Chrome Web store introduce this game although no multiplayer challenge is available for the game but the head and design of using the NBA greatest player are awesome and very enjoyable to play with.

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