Parking Mania Chrome Web Store

Parking Mania is a game under sport category. The goal is to park and learn how to drive I installed it on my Chrome Web Store and playing the game is fun. Playing the game online you can feel the thrill and excitement. A total of 220 level that will challenge your driving skills. The good thing about Parking Mania it is available on iPhone. The game can be played using Google Chrome and Web Store it’s a flash game that requires a good internet connection.
Parking Mania

 Game Control for Parking Mania
The game Parking Mania is easy you can use the arrow keys or W  A S and D to control the car. Five live to complete each level and colliding with borders will remove one life, Collision with traffic will restart the last parking. The levels has different task and object to complete and earn a money.

Level 1 for Parking Mania
The goal is to park the car sideways and doing this is easy just make sure and carefully  follow the guide. If you want challenge on every game collect all the coins to earn money. Each level you will use different cars to add fun and excitement. Every level pose a challenge as there are cars moving on the street that will make your navigation difficult. I came across a level that that when I complete one task I need to transfer to another car for the next navigation. Every level every game is challenging make sure to finish and avoid hitting other cars or the line. There are also obstacle course on a level  and it will show the next arrow one the path is complete.  

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