Tennis Game from Chrome Web Store

I’m not a tennis sport fanatic but I watched and know some popular player like Andre Agassi, Venus and Serena Williams. The game is simple a tennis ball, net and a racket to play the game. If you are watching the game you will notice how two competitive players trying to score and win a match. Tennis Game on Chrome Web Store  is fun just like the other games that I have installed on my Chrome Web Store sports category like Sports Headbasketball about basketball game, 3D Bowling and Ggoal about football

Tennis Game

How To Play Tennis Game

The goal is to score and win the match competing against CPU or Computer. A practice game is possible as you can compete and practice as long as you want. Keyboard control for the game is the up down sides arrow keys and space bar. The arrow keys will control the player and the space bar is the key to strike the ball.

Tips on Wining the Game

While playing the game I was able to use some tips and trick to win the game. Just like the regular tennis game you need to position the ball and strike it to the opponents uncomfortable zone. Defending your court you need to position yourself to the middle. The middle court will give you a very good stance on defending every strike of the opponent.

Here is the keyboard control and movement

The arrow up will move the player upward down will move the player down on the court. The arrow left will move the player to the left and right will move it to the right Space bar is the key for to strike the ball you need to perfectly time the ball to avoid a fault.

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