Play Classic Games from your Childhood on Chrome Web Store

One of my favorite link and application I have on Google Chrome Web Store is the Classic Games. It reminds me of the past games that I was playing when I was a kid and today I will list the games and if I still remember some basic feature and challenge on the game. Let’s get started.
Mortal Kombat Chrome Store

Mortal Kombat – a 90’s game I play this on a personal computer near our school. I think I’m in grade three or four that time. Classic moves and I was able to know some character like sub zero and fatality moves
Street Fighter 2  - I play this in an arcade match together with my friends. I started to know Street Fighter character like Ryu, Ken , E Honda and Blanca. A very classic game that remind me of my childhood.
Super Mario World – The famous game of them all. Everybody knows who he is he eat mushroom, fly and fire opponents and collect some coins.
Galaga – Before the air fight battle there is Galaga fine graphics game about space and aliens. The goal is to beat the alien and maintain one piece in each level.
Bomberman  - A Nintendo game that your goal as a bomber is to drop bombs and trap your opponents a very popular game.
Pacman – chop chop chop a yellow ball eating evey thing on its way a very simple game using your up down, right left keys. Eat a special coin to have a power to beat your opponent.
Contra – Your goal is to fight the enemies use some special weapon and blast them with pure fire power. A very classic games that let you enjoy and be a soldier.
Kung Fu Remix – A student that will challenge everything on the his path a very nice game if your looking for action and adventure.
Mario Bros First Game – I have this on my computer before and playing Mario is fun you go on to the next level, challenge every opponent and check all the obstacle. There are secret doorways and passage on the game and finding them is a challenge
Iron Mike Punch Out – Mike Tyson is known with his one hit punch that can put an opponent down and since he is known in the 80’s and 90’s a game about his punch called Iron Mike Punch Out . The goal is simple knock your opponent out and win every game.
Metal Slug – Saving a prisoner,and completing every level is the goal. Tanks and different style of guns. Metal Slug will always comes on my list as one of the top classic games. The game will help you think on how to defeat and impossible alien opponent. Adventure is on every level and chapter
If you don’t know about classic games make sure to play one because all games started with them and playing the basic and the classic will give you most excitement and challenging level. Good thing Chrome Web Store bring Classic Games.

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