Chrome Web Store Top Games

It’s been four months since I put up and topics are all about Google Chrome games. The blog focus on the Chrome Web Store and Android Games top games that I’m playing and sharing my game experience. The blog is all about learning how to play the game although most of the game are simple but the blog would just like to give you detail or information. I created almost 20 post on the blog and discuss the game play experience ,I also include the keyboard and mouse control of the game. I also show the details like how to navigate, character information, maps and direction. The blog is more on a guide/review and now I will give you my Top Chrome Web Store Games
Chrome Web Store Top games

1.    Cargo Bridge – from the category Puzzle and Brain it’s time for me to create a bridge and be an Engineer who could design and make sure that the bridge is strong and passable.
2.    Isoball 3 – Another puzzle and brain games from the web store the goal is to think and create a way on how to put the ball into the hole without breaking it . Challenge yourself and have fun
3.    Death Zed – Shooting a Zombie is fun make sure to lock and load as the higher the day the more Zombies are attacking.

It is included on my list since the game is about Zombie. I’m a Walking Dead series addict and playing the game reminds me of the series
 4.    Counter Strike – A classic game that reminds me of my high school days. Join a counter terrorist or terrorist group and beat some player all over the world. A very fun and challenging game if you love gun fight action,
5.    Walking Dead: Reckoning – Just like the Death Zed game as soon as I saw this game from Chrome Web Store I add the game and started to play it. The game is a comic based and decision is important on playing this game.
The number listed above is my Chrome Web Store Top Games for this year. I’m hoping for more and more challenging games to come and continue to share and post some idea on how to play the game. The blog will focus on the game category and will post, share and create a walk through. The next post that I will show is the Top user on Chrome Web Store it could be trending, on fire and popular. Troubleshooting the game is also included on this blog as user might encounter some error and problem during game or installation. All the game on this blog is added to my Google Chrome account and I make sure that I create an accurate post or review for the reader. The top Games is just my recommendation and based on my game play experience.  Any comments, suggestion or violent reaction are welcome just post it below the comment box. Feel free to join the conversation.

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